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One of our main projects is the involvement in Berlin Kinder Karneval.

The Children's Carnival of Cultures was founded in 1996 and has been held annually on the day before the big parade of the "Carnival of Cultures", always on Whit Saturday in Berlin Kreuzberg.


The children´s carnival wants all participating children, families and visitors from different cultures, regardless of language and origin, to experience a creative, peaceful and future-oriented coexistence.


Especially in times in which social differences become more and more apparent, the children's carnival gains even more importance in order to demonstrate the diversity and necessity of a children's culture and a culture for children as bearers of every social future.

The children´s carnival starts with a colorful costume parade through the streets of Kreuzberg in the first instance. Afterwards there is always a big festival in the Görlitzer park with food stalls, stages and various activities for children and their families.

Karibbean Kidz WHITE.png

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of the Caribbean carnival. It´s part of the culture and brings a lot of exitement every year, especially the children are always looking forward to Carnival Saturday, where they can put on their colorful costumes and dance through the streets all day long, waving their rags and flags. „Karibbean Kidz“ would like to bring a part of this cultural heritage to the streets of Berlin and the children´s carnival is the perfect place to introduce the culture over here. Have you become curious? 








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